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When you arrive at Omni Chiropractic, we will determine which of the six types of stress that are contributing to your health problem. We can then start treatment and put you on your healing journey right away!

My Story

Dr. Scott Miner is a Graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic.

After graduation he was offered the Care Coordinator position in the Sherman Health Center.
While working at the college, Dr. Miner traveled around the U.S. studying postgraduate chiropractic techniques that are both modern and very unique.  He uses a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques that are highly effective and gentle.  
He uses adjusting methods that do not require the traditional twisting or popping of the neck and back. This is more comfortable for most people.

Dr. Miner has been certified in the Omni Therapeutic Technique, Kruger Omni Healing, and Brimhall Wellness Techniques for many years. He also has the privilege of certifying other doctors around the country for Dr. Brimhall. 

The Omni Therapeutic Technique

Dr. Scott Miner uses several different adjusting techniques, but one of his favorites is called the Omni Therapeutic Technique.  It is a specific non-force adjusting method that encompasses the benefits of traditional adjusting methods along with many other holistic influences. 

The Omni Therapeutic Technique was developed by Dr. Joshua Kruger. 

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Six Steps to Wellness


Re-establishing structural integrity is the foundation of health. 80% of all conditions improve when the structure of the body is properly re-established to allow a free flow of vital energy. Dr. Miner will locate subluxations, and reduce or correct them through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine. Many modern tools and techniques exist to easily rebalance the body without discomfort.

Electro Magnetic Stress

Our bodies have their own electromagnetic field much like a magnet has north and south polarities. Every cell has north and south polarity that affects all functions of the cell.    
The nervous system controls and coordinates the whole body through electromagnetic energy. We have strategies to help protect you from EMFs. 


Surveys show that 20% of the US population never eat vegetables, and 40% rarely consume fruit. All forms of refined sugar lower the immune system response and interferes with the ability of the white blood cells to destroy unfriendly bacteria, viruses, yeast, molds and parasites.
The standard American diet, which contains food grown on depleted soils, has left Americans deficient in many nutrients important to health. To get the right nutrition, you must supplement your diet. Specific supplementation is recommended for 99% of people that want to be health conscious.

Emotional Stress

Emotion has been shown by the latest research to be a complex reaction between the body and mind. This results in chemical reactions in the brain and cells, which produces energy made of electrical and magnetic nerve signals. These energies or emotions literally have a frequency, which radiates outward from our energy field.
We can teach you simple techniques to help release emotional stress. We use a combination of color therapy, sound therapy, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and homeopathy that help the body and mind heal from emotional stress that can be affecting your happiness.


We continuously consume artificial additives in our food. We breathe pollution. We are exposed to chemicals, pesticides and smoke.
Exposures to these toxins are not obvious to us and are hard to pinpoint as a cause for illness. Most of these toxins are harmless in small quantities, but can be deadly if larger amounts accumulate in our body over time. They can also be the cause of health problems and block our bodies ability to heal. At Omni Chiropractic we use a variety of detoxification techniques. 

Allergies and Sensitivities

Most medications have side effects, especially allergies medications. Allergies could just be a matter of working with your body's physiological programming to train your body to respond differently to substances that cause negative effects. Allergies are created by an overactive immune response, and gut health is very important when looking for solutions for allergies.  
At Omni Chiropractic, we can offer you a combination of homeopathy, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are customized for your body's chemistry. Many of our patients come into the office just for this service alone. 

"My first and only choice for my well being"

Dr. Miner has changed my mind about chiropractors.

Every time I leave the office I feel better than when I walked in, and I know how and why that is so. Dr. Miner has enlightened me on small things I have been doing wrong in my daily life that have been upsetting my health, most were so easy to fix.
I am not a person that just clicks on stars or writes blurbs just to have something to say. This is probably the most I have ever posted in a comment section, Dr. Miner is a true doctor and cares about his patients and their well being.

~ Riley Manring

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Success Stories

Dr. Miner helped me through my recovery when I had broken both of my arms in an accident.  I was impressed with his knowledge and tactics.  The office is pleasant and comfortable to be in.  He gave me an adjustment and I was surprised at the skill he employed in doing so (I've been to other chiropractors and I thought he was much more knowledgeable and precise about what he was doing).

~Chris B.

I won't go anywhere else now.  I visit him with an issue and he always believes me without doubt or question: he tests and confirms something is out of place and immediately works to resolve it, giving me instant relief, whether it's my jaw, neck,  back,  shoulder, whatever-- it's the most validating experience I've ever had with a doctor.

~Lyndsey L.

I've been going to see Dr. Scott Miner at Omni Chiropractic for several years.  Dr. Miner has always been compassionate and concerned.  The method he uses to adjust the spine is very gentle ~ no cracking or twisting.  Now I would never go back to a traditional chiropractor who twists and pulls.  We have worked together to address subluxations, allergies and toxicity.

~Sue D.


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